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Living Free : a rebel's daring journey of Discovery

This book is about how I’ve lived my life outside the box, independently discovering and enjoying this beautiful world surrounding us and the bounty of Mother Earth and its diverse people and cultures; about how I listened to my heart and soul to find happiness instead of consenting to conform to society’s confining mold.


It’s the unconventional story of a free woman with little education and money who dared to pursue her passions: world travel, skiing, photography, creating art, finding love and friendship; who thrived against all odds and barriers and became proud of living life in her own way




This book documents the incredible courage and spirit of a woman who looks at life straight in the eyes. The author's ability to speak frankly about her experiences as a woman who, from an early age, decides to make the most out of this life will inspire the reader. Her travels take her all over the globe, but not as a tourist, but rather, as an interested participant. She works, loves, eats, laughs, and creates art throughout her voyage of discovery. Poupine is a strong woman who, even today, continues to "live life on the edge." She makes her own rules and lives by them with no apologies nor excuses. Brava, Poupine! Thank you for telling your story.


Absolutely astonishing stories, and worth every penny. I learned so much about places I visited, and never visited.
Each pages are so full of stories, and wisdom that you need to stop for a moment, and enjoy it before moving forward. It even has incredible tips!

Like someone told me a few weeks ago, geniuses learn from the mistakes of others. This book will make you a genius!


I enjoyed my vicarious trips around the world with Poupine. Within her adventures, is woven her philosophies of boldness and freedom. Her personality to speak out loud unabashedly even sprinkled with profanity cracked me up! She doesn’t candy coat anything! Some of the quotes she shares throughout her book I have gone on to share with friends and family, as they are excellent. It’s uncanny the photo of her old home in Tahoe, CA alongside her new home in France. Whoa! She sure knows how to manifest!
My hats off to you Poupine. You did it again

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